Peloton Guide for Strength Training

How the Peloton Guide Improved My Strength Training

Members explain why Guide’s innovative technology is such a game changer.

By PelotonUpdated 4 October 2022


For some Members, buying the Peloton Guide was an absolute no-brainer. After all, the rep tracking, personalized metrics, interactive camera, and custom workout recommendations alone make it seem like you have a personal trainer right in your living room. But if you’re still wondering if the Guide is right for you, we’ve got you covered. Here, three Peloton Members share how the Guide has changed their strength training routine and why they think it’s worth the cost.

I'm lifting heavier, and it's easier to see if I'm doing it properly.”

Working out at home is obviously convenient, but strength training alone can be tricky when it comes to ensuring you’re using proper form. Luckily, the Peloton Guide can help with that. Ashley R., from Massachusetts, purchased the Guide right when it came out, and says the difference she’s seen in her lifting is like night and day. “I like how it helps to add strength training to my everyday workout,” she says. “I'm over 40 now, so I know how important that is. I'm lifting heavier and it's easier to see if I'm doing it properly because I can see my image with the instructors. The Guide helps mix my workouts up so they're not boring. If you want to incorporate more strength in your workouts, I definitely recommend it.”

Plus, she adds, her son, who’s in a wheelchair, loves the adaptive programs with instructor Logan Aldridge. “It's very encouraging for him!”

It's made me more focused during class.”

Robert U. of Salt Lake City has been a Member since 2019, using the Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread, and strength and yoga classes on the Peloton App. So naturally, he couldn't wait to test out the Peloton Guide. “I bought one 10 days after it launched,” he says.

Although the Guide hasn't significantly changed the number of classes Robert takes, he says it has helped him stay motivated to strength train. “It's made me more focused during class,” he explains. “I usually do a couple of 10-minute core classes and 20 to 30 minutes of upper-body classes two to three times a week. My spouse does Pilates and core classes, with occasional arm classes. We've both had continued improvements using the Peloton ecosystem.”

It's like Power Zone for strength!”

When Hayley W. of Boston first purchased the Peloton Guide, her goal was to add more weight training into her weekly exercise routine. But she never expected that the device would impact her fitness journey as drastically as it did. “I used to weight train regularly prior to buying the Peloton Bike, so I know how important strength is for your health,” she says. “I wanted to start prioritizing it again.”

Since investing in the Peloton Guide, Hayley has seen several major improvements. “I've been able to go up in weights and my cycling zones improved in Power Zone,” she says. “I'm also more likely to start a strength class since the classes are readily accessible through the Guide interface. I like Power Zone training and the Guide's metrics feel similarly motivating.”

She especially loves tracking her movements. “It makes you work efficiently and takes a lot of the guesswork away,” she says. “If you like the metrics and data of the other hardware, the Guide is similarly motivating. I think it works really well with the weekly roll call classes. It's like Power Zone for strength!”

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